Circle Greyhawk

Session 1

This past Thursday, we met and explored a little of our first mission, as the PCs found themselves in a forested area in the northwestern part of the duchy of Tenh, near the Zumker river. A little exploring revealed a nearby mercenary camp occupied by a mixed light-recon force equipped in a manner very similar to the PCs.

In no particular order:

Tedros (also called `Tembo’): mixed-Oeridian male, wearing hides and sporting both a large bow and a large sword. Tembo appeared to be the `sergeant’ of the patrol, with a flair and predilection for giving orders in and out of combat.

Morna: Olman female, wearing hides and carrying a spear (which she traded for a longspear), seemed relatively quiet at first, but grew more animated (also, larger) in battle.

Punkka: an older Rhenee man, fond of playing the lute and games of chance. Punkka seemed content to spend as much time in the nearby mercenary camp as his fellows would allow.

Kismet: a very young Rhenee man – a boy by some cultures, decked out in a bow and hides. Kismet talked little except to `Grandfather’, which seems to refer to Punkka. Serving as the scout for the group, he was often out of sight, even during battle.

After orienting themselves and exploring the mercenary camp (which seemed to be between 1 and 2 weeks old), and equipping themselves with `troll supplies’ and a map, the heroes set out on a patrol. Lurking around camp, Punkka had learned that the company had been hired by the Duchy of Urnst in an effort to aid the Duke-in-Exile Ehyeh III of Tenh, and this particular group had been sent to recon and potentially neutralize a warren of trolls known to operate in the area. Details are scant, but the area is known to be close to both Rookroost (and thus the forces of Old Wicked) and inside the areas taken by Stonehold.

While on patrol, the PCs found a group of trolls engaging in unusually disciplined behavior, camped in the ruins of a watchtower, clearly on the lookout for something. A tough combat (and 8 vials of acid) later, the PCs discovered a jet-black tooth lodged inside the heart of the troll leader — a troll with red-tinged scaly skin covering its hands and head. After some discussion, the PCs decided to hide and see if they could discover the reason for the troll’s lookout. A few hours pass before the PCs see a pair of troll warriors escorting a larger troll with woodsman-like equipment and a huge troll with armor plates bolted directly into its hide — and the symbol of the grinning skull stamped into each plate. With the heroes looking on, the newly arrived troll party discovers the remains of the battle and discusses the situation in an unknown language before continuing along the path, leaving behind the woodsman troll to investigate further. After the huge troll and the warriors leave, the heroes determine that the ranger troll has picked up their trail, and they leap to the attack. After a short but intense combat, they defeat the troll-ranger and split up the spoils of battle before considering their next move.

Feel free to add in anything that I’ve left out.



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