Circle Greyhawk

Session 2

Traige and Watkin find themselves standing watch in the rough tower in the center of the mercenary camp. Looking around, they spot the familiar forms of the rest of the party moving out on a patrol. Making excuses and obtaining cover, they set off to catch up with the party.

They find the party standing over the remains of the ranger-troll, examining the large obsidian tooth they’ve extracted from its heart. After introductions and discussion, the party heads off down the road, following the path of the troll retinue.

The heroes have little trouble following the trail along the road, but an especially observant hero notices that there are signs of troll-tracks off the side at some distance. Some investigation suggests that some trolls are leaving the path surreptitiously, traveling in the woods for a while before rejoining the track.

As they’re following the track, a few of the party hear/feel a disturbance in the ground. With some warning (and a power) the party avoids being surprised as a huge creature burrows up to the trail and bursts from the ground!

The creature seems to be some combination of troll, fey, and demon – a huge, misshapen form with wild eyes and a massive, hooked three-headed fail. A few rounds into combat, it calls up from the ground demonic earth creatures shaped like small (medium-sized) trolls. Once defeated, the large fey-troll-demon is discovered to have a large obsidian tooth buried in its heart as well.

Tired from their efforts, the heroes decide to make camp for the night in the wild. A simple challenge later the party has established a safe and solid camp, and even acquired some local game as provisions. (Success means that the party is not visited by the gnolls while they rest).

Picking up the trail in the morning, the party discovers that they are not the only creatures following the trolls — they discover a set of clawed humanoid tracks shadowing the trolls for a time, and heading into the forest. Back-tracking this new party, the heroes come upon a clearing filled with Gnolls (10 soliders, 3 archers, 2 warmasters, 3 Flind). Half of the party takes up sniping positions, and negotiations are quickly started and abandoned when the gnolls show some knowledge of the tooth. A very difficult combat sees several heroes unconscious and Watkin Watkins killed before the lone remaining Flind offers surrender. In exchange for its life, the flind offers to tell the heroes everything it knows about the teeth — including giving over several of the teeth the gnolls have gathered.



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