Circle Greyhawk

Session 2.5

The Flind standing across from you gives `Snarlgrym’ as its name. It keeps at least 20’ between itself and any party member. “Stay back! Come closer and our deal is off.

Assuming that you keep your distance, it will continue. “Trolls here for long time. Never many. Never as pack. Now, huge trolls with grinning skull lead packs of war-trolls. Troll-packs have equipment and training. Blessed Yeenoghu give us way to dispatch trolls, but these trolls not burn. Pack hunt trolls, hunt Leader. Trolls have Teeth in heart do not burn, do not die. Remove Tooth from heart and troll die. Much pain. Yeenoghu pleased. Pack find Teeth, many Teeth.

Shaman say Pack find toothless Leader, stop troll-packs, make trolls burn. Shaman say Teeth hold power. Maybe Teeth give Pack power over trolls. Trolls make good beasts for Pack.” Snarlgrym smiles here, showing a bloody grin. “I tell you of trolls. I give you Teeth, and I go.” Looking around the battlefield, Snarlgrym points to the pile of bodies surrounding Watkin Watkins. “I make new deal: you help Snarlgrym with pack-mates, and I help you with half-blood. Then we go, and you hunt trolls. Yes?

After negotiation with Snarlgyrm, the heroes decide to avoid the ritual to Yeenoghu, but do exchange the two dead flind bodies for the information and the Teeth the gnolls have collected. The heroes interrogate Snarlgrym before allowing her to leave. (We’ll handle the details of the interrogation either over email or when we next meet – I leave that decision up to you guys.) After the interrogation, Snarlgrym will perform a short ritual to Yeenoghu over the bodies of the two dead flind, while keeping a watchful eye on the party. She will then give you a bag containing large, shiny-black teeth before taking the two dead Flind and leaving.

After some discussion, including someone remembering that Watkin suggested that the party could try ``stabbing them with the tooth’’ if anyone died, the party decides to try the suggestion on Watkin.



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